Carlo Actis Dato Quartet

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                                      Carlo Actis Dato (saxophones & bass clarinet)

Beppe Di Filippo (alto & soprano saxes)

Matteo Ravizza(bass)

Daniele Bertone (drums,percussion)


         This is the most original and amusing group of new italian jazz, whose music successfully combines sound and extemporaneaous entertainment.      The group draws over jazz, mediterranean and middle-eastern ethnic music, afro and funk rhythms,  caribbean, oriental, east-european sounds, old italian-like songs, here and there adding hi-ronical flavours and sonorities that recall tropical sea-side resort atmospheres or pop songs.      This heterogeneous material has been merged into a high level set of composition (all originals by Carlo Actis Dato) and improvisation, all seasoned with a bit of humor.     The quartet on stage does such an involving performance whose it is hard staying insensitive: a such crazy, explosive mixture of music and theatre that the audience easily becomes part of the show.

         The group, born in 1984, has participated to radio broadcast programs for the national networks in Italy, Sweden, Finland, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Egypt.       In the annual referendum of music critics for "Musica Jazz" magazine it was ranked for seven times among the top italian groups; his records have been appreciated by jazz magazines worldwide (Cadence, Coda, Swing Journal, Jazztimes, Down Beat, Wire, Jazzthetik, Jazz Podium, Jazz Nu, Jazz Magazine, Jazz in Time, Improjazz, Musiche, Jazz & Tzaz, Margen, Jazzology, Cuadernos de Jazz, Blu Jazz, Jazz Live, Jazzman, Rubberneck, Ritmo, Jazz Hihyo, Jazz Life,Ambos Mundos,Jazz Special,Granslost) and are quoted on "The Penguin Guide to Jazz" and on Larousse Encyclopaedia.     The japanese review "Jazz Hihyo" has indicated "Ankara Twist" and "Blue Cairo" as the best examples of european jazz.     The american magazine “Down Beat” gave four stars to the CD “Bagdad Boogie”.


Australia:Perth, Canberra, Melbourne(09), Perth, Melbourne(06), Sydney, Melbourne(04). Japan: Tokyo(ArcHills-99), Fukui, Tokyo, Yokohama(00), Yokohama, Fukui (01). Indonesia : Jakarta(13,04). Siberia: Novosibirsk(12); SouthAfrica: Durban, Capetown(04). Ethiopia: AddisAbaba(01,05,07,08,10.Gondar). NewZealand: Auckland, Wellington(04). Algeria: Annaba, Alger(10). Kenya: Nairobi(08). Yugoslavia: NoviSad, Beograd, Kragujevac(01). Tunisia: Tunis, Tabarka(01). Croatia: Zagreb(01). Morocco: Casablanca(13), Rabat, Meknes(09), Rabat, Casablanca(99). Guatemala: G.City, Antigua, Quetzalt.(11). Lithuania: Vilnius, Klaipèda, Kaunas(02). Canada: Montreal(91),Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary, Hamilton, Toronto (92),Ottawa, Vancouver, Toronto(04). French Antilles: Martinique (92). Egypt: Cairo(08). Greece: Patras (94), Thessaloniki(04). Hungary: Budapest(07,12). Belgium: Oupeye(93), Bruges(99,04). Holland: Amsterdam, Utrecht, Groningen, Rotterdam (02). Austria: Wiesen(93), Wien(05), Villach(07,08), BadIschl(11), BadGastein(13). Finland: Turku(91), Raahe(94), Kajaani(00), Tampere(05), Tornio(06). Switzerland: Zurich(87), Lausanne(88), Basel(89), Sion(04). Slovenia: Lubiana(01), Cerkno(04). Germany: Koln(88), Villingen, Aachen (89), Nurenberg, Leipzig (94), Berlin, Jena(96), Hamburg, Münster, Ulm(97), Mainz, Nurnberg(98), Senden(99), Vilsophen(00), Freiberg(01,04,11), Jena, Altenburg, Russelsheim(04), Limburg(06), Idar(11), Germering(12). France: Le Mans, Angers, Nantes(88), Strasbourg(89), Rive-de-Gier(90), Coutances, Mulhouse(91), Toulouse, Bretagne, Mimi, Uzès(92), Grenoble(93), Oloron(95), Besançon(97), Valence, Metz, Longwy, GermLouron(98), Apt, Perpignan, Valence (00), Grenoble, Coublanc(01), Planèzes(02), Rive-de-Gier(06), Saillans, Rive-de-Gier(07).  Italy : everywhere in the bigger Festivals

CLUBS : Tokyo (12 concerts in '99 and  9 concerts in 2000), Paris, Geneva, Amsterdam, Athens, Fribourg, Lucerne, Locarno, Neu-chatel, Lugano, Zurich, Stuttgart, Ulm, Villingen, Wuppertal, Karlsruhe, Heidelberg, Utrecht, Albi, Esslingen, Dortmund, Bremen, Biel, Gunzburg, Bruges, Luxembourg, tour of 15 dates in France (jan. '98), Singen, Munich, Regensbourg, Chalon..more than 500 dates   

"Nobless Oblige" (*) Splasch 1986 "Oltremare" (*) Splasch   1987
(*) Reissued in double CD Splasch 1999    
"Ankara Twist" Splasch 1989 "Badge Boogie" Splasch   1992
"Blue Cairo" Splasch 1995 "Delhi Mambo"  (Germany) YVP         1998
"Ginosa Jungle" Splasch 1998 "Enna Miloga"   (Japan) BAJ         1999
"Fes Montuno”     (Germany)  YVP      2000 "Istanbul Rap”   (Germany) YVP         2002
"Swingin Hanoi" Splasch 2003 "Dolce Vita-Musique Vivante“ DeeDee  2006
"World Tour"                2009 "2010"                  2010
"Sin Fronteras" Leo-UK 2012 "Earth is the Place"                  2015