Solo Recitals

I play in solo from 1994


Ruvo, Ragusa, Sazzana, Asti, Vasto, Lanciano, Bologna (Angelica), Torino, Torbole Nimes, Le Mans, Vicenza, Rive-de-Gier, Pisa, Perpignan, Siracusa, Crema, seven tours in Japan from 1998 (also in duo with some of the most known japanese musicians : A.Sakata, K.Umezu, M.Satoh, S.Fuji, K.Ohta, H.Kanai, T.Kondo, M.Kano, Y.Tachibana, Michihiro Satoh and others), two tours in USA and Canada -'01 and '02- also in duo with K.Vandermark, W.Horvitz, G.Robair, D.Mott, T. Ho Bynum and others.

SPECIAL EVENT: DUO WITH DAVID MURRAY (Venice, 15/3/2001) for the event "RISONANZE".

The Records:

Urartu The Moonwalker USA Tour American Tour
The Big Sax CD