Duo with Enzo Rocco

Ingredients: jazz and total improvisation in good quantity, African polyrhythms all that is necessary, neapolitan tarantella and country music all the same, arabian tinge (just a little), rap as it pleases, background noise (a pinch), chattering (a sprinkling), songs, dances and laughs as you feel it.

Preparation: cook the ingredients over a low flame stirring continously and with energy until you have obtained a thick and boiling magma (use when necessary guitars and reeds both alternatively and contemporarily); dress with a decent quantity of irony and serve very very hot.

Result: a kind of music with an extroverted character, with theatrical connotation and devoted to extemporaneousness, to the umpredictable the indefference for conventions.

Warnings: possibility of dyspepsia and rash in aesthetes, purist and pure souls.

The Records

Pasodoble Paella & Norimaki Domestic Rehearsals
Noise From The Neightbours