Duo with Giorgio Dini

Translation by an extract from Musica Jazz - February 2005 (article by Olindo Forbino):

"Because of wide analogies, and remaining on the recente scene, this extemporary duet could remind to Frogging (Mats Gustafsson and Barry Guy) or to Low Life (Peter Brotzmann and Bill Laswell). In fact we ear the same approach to sound, managed with the correct irreverence to the common way of melody and harmony, with fantasy and joy incited by the consciousness to transgress both free and swing rules. [...]
Actis Dato is always the same great soloist we know. He's sparkling and dancing with his bass clarinet in Torero, sacred and hoarse at baritone sax in Bosphorus, blue and urban in Buolevard, playing tenor sax.
The young Dini comes from the Enrico Fazio Piedmont school and applies to wood and strings of his instrument a range of correctly opaque but hot colours, a way of expression very deep-down and resonant. Out! shows a technique very centered on tempo, so Dini cuold become a value added on any group or rhythmical section, and it could be not so far to meet him between the most interesting italian bass players."

Giorgio Dini: double bass
Carlo Actis Dato: Saxophones, Bass Clarinet

The Record