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Carlo Actis Dato   - baritone sax, bass clarinet

Flavio Giacchero – bass clarinet, soprano sax, bagpipes

Beppe Di Filippo - soprano,alto & tenor  saxes

Stefano Bruno Buffa – clarinet, tenor sax


Everything you have always wanted to hear from a reed instrument but were never able to put into words. Everything you imagined it might be possible to do with a plethora of saxophones, clarinets and bagpipes but never dared request.          

                Satirical, serious, undefinable, ironic, meticulous, contemporary, futuristic, dated, impassioned. These are some of the adjectives which have been penned by the international press to describe the outrageous and impenitent spirit of the Trio. Four octaves of madness multiplied by three, plus sixty fingers (you need more than just a head to make music!) and what you get is the most unusual summit meeting of instrumentalists ever put together in the last two millennia. It is a group which is unbelievably ahead of its past and surprisingly behind its future. The sonic universe which the Atipico Trio navigates knows no frontiers and you need neither passports nor visas to travel with the Trio from the Caribbean to the Middle East, from Africa to the Balkans, from North America to Japan... All you need is music, be it jazz, rock, Afro, salsa, improv, ethnic or whatever.     HEAR THEM! You will not be disappointed. You will only regret not having listened to them earlier!



Since the early ‘70s he has been dedicated to concert and discographic activities, appearing in more than 90 records, figuring as leader or co-leader in half of them. He was co-founder of the Art Studio group, one of the first to play new jazz in Italy and of CMC Coop., organizing concerts and workshops in Turin.   With his Quartet he played all around the world in four continents, from Japan to Ethiopia. He leads Actis’Band, Musique Vivante and the nonet Actis Furioso.  He co-leads Brasserie Trio. He also plays solo (tours in USA,Canada and Japan).  He’s member/composer of the Italian Instabile Orchestra.    He plays with P. Minafra Sud Ensemble, Viva La Black…...      He played with D.Murray, K.Vandermark, G. Gaslini, A.Braxton, W.Horvitz, B. Phillips, G. Sommer,  K.Umezu, A. Salis, M. Nicols, L. Konté, L. Moholo, K.Tippett, G. Trovesi, E.Christi, C.Taylor, L.Bowie, J.McPhee, S.Fujii.….He was ranked by “Down Beat” among the world’ best baritone sax players from 2001 till now.



He started playing in ’89, in ’91 founded the group I.I.I. (Improvvisatori Indipendenti Italiani). With them he played in I and II Festival Internationales Rock & Jazz in Biberach (Germany), Festival dall’America al Basso Tuba, Summertime in Jazz ‘93 – Prato (concert recorded on Splasch), Festival Jazztime Ravensburg ‘95. He also played solo performances in Festival "Percorsi" every year from ‘96 to ‘99. With the Fiati Pesanti Group he played in International Jazz Festival in Montreux in ‘95, Ferrara Festival Buskers ‘97, Festival Semana Negra Gijon (Spain)’ 98. He played with Actis Dato QuartetAtipico Trio, Tony Scott, Italian Instabile Orchestra, Alberto Mandarini, Hasta Big Band, Daniele Patumi, Giovanni Falzone, Enrico Fazio septet, Luca Calabrese, Emanuele Cisi, Gianni Basso, MauMau.…He played in Canada ,in Australia: Perth e Melbourne, in Serbia, in Ungheria, in France: Parigi, Nevers, Le Mans, Grenoble,Belfort, Saint Gaudens, Chambery, in Spain, in Romania, in Germany: Monaco, Ulm, Dresda, Jena, Burghtann, in Rome at Auditorium Parco Della Musica, in Torino at Auditorium Agnelli del Lingotto...



Flavio Giacchero (1974)  musician, ethnomusicologist.    Originally from Valli di Lanzo (TO) in the francoprovenzale linguistic minority region of  the Western Alps.      At a young age he begins to study soprano saxophone at the local music band taking part to national and international shows with the local art group of popular tradition. He subsequently deals with ethics instruments, especially cornamuse, and studies bass clarinet with Carlo Actis Dato. He mainly deals with traditional music, creative music  and improvisation, world music and free jazz. He participates as a musician and composer in many bands, cultural projects and performance with an extensive concert and record activity. As a ethnomusicologist (graduated at the University of Turin) he count  with several publications and collaborations with research institute and scholars, he  worked at the ethnomusicology archives of the Regional Language Center of Turin.He also deals with sound landscapes, field recordings, documentaries and projects for the protection and dissemination of historical linguistic minorities.

STEFANO BRUNO BUFFA                                                                                                                                                                    Stefano Buffa was born in a flat Country (Belgium) but he soon moved to Canavese, a small region placed in Northern Italy and very close to Alps. During his teenage years he approached music playing clarinet in a village marching band and then doubling with tenor saxophone. His interest in new musical expressions and improvisation led  him to study with Actis Dato. He played and plays in several marching bands and jazz big bands.


Concerts : Berlin, Espoo-Helsinki, Le Mans, Firenze, Milano, Prato, Ruvo, Noto, Wiesen, Graz, Asti, Jena, Ulm, Dresden, Grenoble, Chambery, Ivrea, Madrid, Sibiu, Novara...........

Records : “Where the reeds dare” – Splasch  ’90 / “Gone with the winds” – Splasch ’96  / “Allegro con brio” –Leo Records (England) 2004 / “Eqqueqquà !” – Leo Records (UK) 2010 / “Next Planet on the way” – SdM 2017


Contact : C.Actis Dato – via Boglietto 7 – 10035 MAZZE’ (To) – Italy- e-mail :

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Where The
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