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Enrico Negro – trumpet                                                                                                                  Ivano Perino - trumpet
Gianpiero Malfatto - trombone
Massimo Rossi- alto and soprano sax
Beppe Di Filippo – soprano, alto and tenor sax
Carlo Actis Dato -  tenor and baritone sax, bass clarinet
Matteo Ravizza- bass
Daniele Bertone- drums
Ferdinando Despaigne - percussion


       Actis Furioso is the latest of the many wild and amazing adventures which have taken Carlo Actis Dato around the world, from Japan to New Zealand, from Finland to Australia, from Morocco to Indonesia. For this new project, Actis has brought in extra musicians of extraordinary vitality to expand his famous quartet into a nonet.
      In this new musical mix, Actis Dato and his group pull elements from many different styles, cultures, rhythms, dances, epochs and more, much more, to offer their listeners an explosion of emotions, energy, songs, dances, and fun from places far and wide. It is a decidedly new and innovative voyage in which the virtuosity of the instrumentalists drives the creative process in a merry-go-round of music, extemporised gags, weird costumes and improbable juxtapositions of ideas and events, all of which however remain constantly tempered by an attitude of irony and self-mockery.      The compositions have been penned by Actis Dato, whilst the musical arrangements have been prepared by Piero Ponzo, Enrico Fazio and Massimo Rossi.      The costumes are by Yuki Mochimaru.

Exibiting in :

-XII Festival Intern. “Dalle nuove musiche al suono mondiale”– Torino –2002,March

-16° Rencontres Internationales du Jazz – Nevers (France) – 2002, November

-Antiqua 2003 – San Mauro – 2003, July

-12° Festival Internazionale di Reggio Calabria “Ecojazz” – 2003, August

-64° Sagra del Dolcetto – Dogliani – 2003, September

-Roma – Auditorium . Piemonte in Musica – 2004, March

-Beograd (Serbia)– “Summer Festival”- 2004, July

-IX Festival SanGia...zz- Molise – 2004, August

-Due sotto l’Ombrello - Voghera – 2004, August

-XXVI° Europa Jazz Festival – Le Mans (France) 2005, April

-Mazzè Furioso Jazz – Mazzè  – 2005,  July

-XV Festival “Teatro & Colline” – Calamandrana (At) – 2005, July

Jazz in der Burg – Burgthann – Germany – June 30, 2007

Valladolid – Espana – July,15,2008


CD : “Avanti Popolo !” – Splasch 2005 – Live

         “ World People”    - Leo 2008 - UK

The Records


Avanti Popolo! World People